Thursday, July 31, 2008

Arrival in Osorno, Chile

Sorry it has taken so long to post anything to this blog, but we've been so busy. We've been here a month and barely had time to catch our breath. We've now completed our first round of interviews and zone conferences and we love the mission and our missionaries. I'll try and post additional information once we get our feet on the ground.
View of Osorno from the plane as we are landing at the airport. It is a wonderfully small airport, but is closed for renovations until November. So for now, all flights go in and out of Puerto Montt which is an hour south of Osorno.
Frome left to right: Elder and Sister Allen, our senior couple from California (they are wonderful and so much help), Elder Bustamante, from Chile-the mission historian; Elder Shallenberger from Utah-the mission secretary; Elder Cabezas from Argentina-the mission commisary and computer whiz; Elder Wanner from Utah one of the Assistants to the President; Elder Ruesta from Peru the other Assistant; Elder Wohlfart from Germany-the mission financial secretary; and Susie and I. We felt so welcome, it was really like coming home.
First night at the mission home leaving to go proselyting with the two Assistants. These guys are so great and have been such a help to me.
First night in the mission home and Susie leaving to go proselyting with Hermana Davey from Washington and Hermana Ruiz from Panama.


el said...

Thank you for the update & especially the pictures. Stay warm & dry. I look forward to future posts. XXXOOO Auntie Nana Elizabeth

Jenn said...

You guys look great - like you really are where you belong! Once again, I am filled with inspiration by your commitment and duty to your call to serve. You are in our prayers daily. Jillian likes mountains and has enjoyed looking at the pictures.~ Jennifer and family

Cindy B said...

Glad to see you made it there safe and sound! Keep up the good work.