Thursday, June 4, 2009

June Cambios . . .

This was cambio week again and we received 10 new missionaries. Above is a picture taken at the Osorno airport upon arrival. The sisters in front with Susie include (l-r) Hna Stout from Plainfield, IN, Hna Burningham from Layton, UT, Hna McMaster from SLC, UT and Hna Whisenhunt from Las Vegas, NV. The new Elders from l-r are Elder Jaita from Bolivia, Elder Benitez from Uruguay, Elder Riches from Grantsville, UT, Elder Paris from Santiago, Chile, Elder Cortez from Nicaragua and Elder Olmedo from Paraguay. They are a great bunch of missionaries and we are grateful to have them here.

After interviews, dinner and training, here are the new missionaries in the mission home. Sisters l-r are Hna Stout, Hna McMasters, Hna Burningham and Hna Whisenhunt. Elder l-r are Elder Shallenberger (AP), Elder Paris, Elder Riches, Elder Benitez, Elder Olmedo, Elder Jaita, Elder Cortez and Elder Matorell (AP). On Wednesday the met their new companions and left for their areas. This will be an excellent group!

The hardest part of cambios is seeing the missionaries we love so much leave the mission to return home. This is one of those great groups and we will miss them so much. The sisters l-r are Hna Apaza from Santa Cruz, Bolivia, Hna Crook from Centerville, UT, Hna Koontz from San Diego, CA and Hna Wood from SLC, UT. The elders l-r are Elders Matorell and Shallenberger, out Assistants, Elder Escobar from Costa Rica, Elder Aranda from Bolivia, Elder Alves da Costa from Uruguay, Elder Pizaro from Chile, Elder Lainez from Honduras and Elder Gomez from Argentina. Also leaving this week are Elder and Hna Allen, our senior couple. These are all exceptional missionaries and we will miss them. We will especially miss the Allen´s who have been such a wonderful blessing. They´ve served for two years and have been such a big help. They were especially helpful for Susie and I when we arrived last year. They will be returning to their daughter´s home in Oklahoma, so it will be nice to know they are in Oklahoma. I think their kids live in Mustang, OK.

I can´t emphasize enough what a blessing these senior couples are. If any of you are considering this, please serve. You will love it.
In this picture before dinner, Susie, Hna Allen and Hna Westover join with the departing sisters for one last picture.

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