Sunday, July 5, 2009

Zone Leader´s Council . . .

The current zone leaders: Seated with Susie and I are Elder Shallenberger and Elder Matorell, the current assistants. Standing l-r are Elder Pedraza (Columbia), Elder Cubillos (Columbia), Elder Strawn (California), Elder Millan (Argentina), Elder Cuadra (Chile), Elder Benitez (Paraguay), Elder Viti (Argentina), Elder Wallace (Utah), Elder Gobetti (Argentina), Elder Lucas (Paraguay), Elder Calla├║ (Bolivia), Elder Aravena (Chile), Elder Palmer (Washington), Elder Rodriguez (Panama), Elder Ortiz (Chile), Elder Cudahy (Washington), Elder Diaz (Chile), Elder Spitzer (Texas), Elder Alvarado (Columbia) and Elder Bigelow (Arizona). Not pictured are Elder Miner (Utah) and Elder Wohlfart (Germany) in Coyhaique, and Elder Merrill (California) and Elder Hernandez (Chile) in Punta Arenas.
We can´t have a meeting with the missionaries without having food. You would be amazed how much food 22 young men can put down. These missionaries can eat a lot and they love it.
In this picture, 5 tribes of Israel are represented: Elder Shallenberger (Ephraim), Elder Cuadra (Benjamin), Elder Matorell (Judah), Elder Rodriguez (Levi) and Elder Benitez (Manasseh). Not pictured is a sixth tribe represented in our mission by Elder Chavez (Asher).

This past week we had the zone leaders in the Mission Home for a training council. This happens about every other cambio and will generally include all the zone leaders except the ones from Coyhaique and Punta Arenas. Because of travel costs, they attend about twice a year.

It is wonderful having these great young missionaries in the mission home. This council we focused on clarifying the vision of our leadership and working hard to ensure that every missionary understands what is expected and becomes a willing and active participant in this great work. Our goal is to improve our planning and increase our faith and diligent. Then we will strive to be more constant in applying these principles.

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K. Elizabeth said...

Such handsome young men. I just think a room full of missionaries is the greatest sight. Glad you guys are doing well. I know those missionaries just love you.