Monday, November 16, 2009

Trip to Santiago . . .

Left to Right: Elder Rubio, Elder Pinto and his wife Maria José, Elder Didier, Hna Retamal, Elder Vergara, Elder Salvatierra and Elder Riviera

Left to Right: Elder Riviera, Elder Quezada, Elder Leal, Elder Torres and Elder Serradell

Left to Right: Elder Vergara, Elder Leal, Hna Iribarra, Elder Salvatierra and Elder Quezada
Susie and I went to Santiago this past week for our annual Mission President´s Seminar. (I´ll post more on this later) We enjoyed the opportunity to get together with several of our former missionaries. The highlight was being able to enjoy a temple session with a few of them. Four of our former missionaries are currently serving in the temple, and it was an unforgettable experience being with them in the temple. We love these missionaries and I can´t tell you how much it meant being able to be with them again.

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