Saturday, July 31, 2010

Zone Leader´s Council

This past Friday was zone leaders council in the Mission Home. This is always a great event and being with these wonderful missionaries is the highlight of our month. They bring such great enthusiasm and love to the work. We are truly blessed with great leaders and when some complete their missions, there are always other missionaries ready to step up and do their part.

First Row (l-r) Elder Castillo-Honduras, Elder Hogan-Texas, Elder Silva-Panama, Elder Moser-Missouri, Elder Aspitia-Argentina, Elder Malca-Peru, Elder Navarro-Peru, Elder Uceda-Florida, Elder Barra-Chile, Elder Silva-Honduras
Second Row (l-r) Elder Bateman-Oregon, Elder Araneda-Chile, Elder Nash-Utah, Elder Coles-Utah, Elder Walker-Idaho, Elder Riches-Utah, Elder Cuesta-Ecuador, Elder Moncada-Honduras, Elder Service-Utah, Elder Gimenez-Argentina, Elder Diaz-Chile, Elder Vargas-Honduras, Elder States-Utah, Elder Welling-Washington, Elder Poujol-Honduras (AP) and Elder Seager-Utah (AP).

Zone Leaders Council


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