Thursday, August 26, 2010

September Cambios (Part A) . . .

We have 20 great missionaries scheduled to leave on our September 8th cambio. Because several of them begin classes next week in school, we will be sending them home in two groups. Eleven left last night and are on their way home now. Seated above (l-r) are: Elder Seager one of our assistants who will be leaving in two weeks, Elder Moser from Missouri and Elder Poujol our other assistant. Standing (l-r) are: Elder Larsen from Utah, Elder Robinson from Arizona, Elder Salguera from Nicaragua, Elder Simons from Utah, Elder Bateman from Oregon, Elder Nash from Utah, Elder Hogan from Texas, now Georgia, Elder Fuentes from Chile, Elder Haderlie from Utah and Elder Montano from El Salvador.

This group of twenty has had a powerful influence on the mission since they arrived and it is hard to see them start to leave. Among this group of 11 are six that have served as zone leaders and 3 that served as district leaders. They are truly a remarkable group of young men. We already miss them.


krystaface said...

I can't handle it! To see my brothers coming home already :( I am excited to see them all conference weekend! *fingers crossed*

Love you guys, so so much!

Todd and Kathy Nielsen said...

It is still so amazing to look at your Chile Osorno Mission blog, even though my son is home. I truly love to see the faces of your missionaries. Thank you so much for sharing your mission with us. We will be forever grateful.

You are wonderful!