Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Sadie Beth Gardner Sydenham . . .

Susie´s Mother, Sadie Beth Gardner Sydenham passed away yesterday, October 18, 2010. She had unfortunately been very ill for some time and Susie had the opportunity to visit with her by phone recently and sing songs and express love and appreciation to her. We are sorry to not be able to be with the family in these moments, but our love and prayers are with them and they support our efforts in serving the mission. Above is a picture of Susie´s parents with our family in the weeks prior to our leaving for Chile.

Sadie Beth is survived by her husband, Cameron Sydenham and her children pictured above: kneeling l-r: Alisa Sydenham and Connie Holman; standing l-r: Janean Peterson, Curt Sydenham, Karen Leatham, Steve Sydenham, Susie Lovell, their spouses and lots of wonderful grandchildren.
Sadie Beth was the most wonderful wife, mother, grandmother and mother-in-law. She had the most playful personality and radiated love and kindness to all. She will be greatly missed and we give thanks for the knowledge we have of the Lord´s plan for our salvation and the great and marvelous blessings of the temple. We know where Sadie is and we know where we all can be. Families really can be eternal!


krystaface said...

My heart goes out to you. She must have been a wonderful woman to yeild such an incredible wife! Love you guys.

Just Me said...

Susie, My condolences. I have so much admiration for you and the sacrifices you are making to bring the gospel light to Chile.

Mrs. Cyndi Blotter said...

Our thoughts and prayers are with you during this difficult time. You have a beautful family. So grateful for the eternal bonds that tie us together that our loving Heavenly Father provided for each of us.

Teri said...

Sister Lovell, we are so sorry for your loss. Thank you so much for serving in the Lord's vinyard and for being a second mom to my son while he is serving in your mission. We appreciate your dedication and are sorry you lost your mom at this time while you are away. Love, Teri Nickel (Meridian, ID)

Mom/Grandma Smith said...

We are sorry to hear that you had to say an earthly good-bye to your dear mother, Sister Lovell. It looks like you have a wonderful family - so supportive - especially a times like these.

A young couple named Lovell just moved into our ward...I'll have to find out if they are related to you.

Thank you for your support of Elder Jacob Amezcua, our grandson. He is loving his mission and has grown so much during this first year. We appreciate all you do for him and the other missionaries.
Have lovely holidays and a Merry Christmas.
Best wishes, Louise Smith