Thursday, December 2, 2010

December Crazy Cambios . . .

December was supposed to be a fairly simple cambio. We had five missionaries leaving and five new missionaries arriving. Then the five new missionaries became 4 when a sister was delayed until December 21. On Monday the 4 became 3 when an Elder in Provo was delayed until December 14. So we were very surprised when the plane arrived and only 1 Elder stepped off the plane. Above is Elder Johnston from St George, Utah. He arrived by himself and we are grateful to have him.

The other two missionaries did their mission training at the Guatemala MTC and they missed their connecting flight to Osorno in Santiago. Fortunately, they arrived later that day and we were grateful to welcome them to the greatest mission in the world. Above is Hna Turcios from Honduras and Elder Camarena from Panama. They were exhausted from their trip, but they both have a great attitude.

With this cambio we released Elder Poujol as one of our assistants so that he could finish the mission working in a sector that needed some special help. Unfortunately, he completes his mission in January and we will miss him. Above are pictured with him the other assistants (l-r) Elder Coles from Salt Lake City, Utah, Elder Poujol from Honduras and Elder Riches from Grantsville, Utah.

As always, new missionaries mean we are losing older missionaries and this is a small but powerful group. All five have been wonderful missionaries and they will be greatly missed by Susie and I, as well as the other missionaries and members. Seated (l-r) are Elder Coles our assistant, Elder Aguilera from Honduras and Elder Riches the other assistant. Standing (l-r) are: Elder Uceda from Tampa Bay, Florida, Elder States from Salt Lake City, Utah, Elder Cuesta from Ecuador and Elder Aitken from Brigham City, Utah.

We just love these young missionaries. You cannot imagine the impact they have had on our lives.

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