Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Christmas with Katie & Carly . . .

December was a fun and busy month for us in the mission. Darin, Mike, Katie and Carly were able to come down to Chile and spend the month with us. We had a wonderful time and they brought so much life to the Mission Home. Mike served his mission in Argentina so he was excited to be in South America and he enjoyed going out with the missionaries a couple of times. Katie fell in love with so many missionaries and warmed up to each of them immediately. She was so funny in the mission office looking at the mission board pictures saying: "That one´s my favorite. No that one´s my favorite." She never could make up her mind as she loved them all so much. It was clear that the missionaries loved them as well. Carly was a trooper and we loved meeting her for the first time.

We were grateful to have them here and were able to take a few days to show them the wonderful beauty of Southern Chile. We miss them now that they are gone, (I especially miss Darin´s homemade bread) but there is a lingering light in the mission home that reminds us they were here.

First Weekend in Chile at the District Conference in Castro, Chiloé

Visiting the Saltos de Petrohue below the Osorno Volcano

The rapids below the Saltos de Petrohue

Swimming at the Termas de Puyehue at Aguas Calientes

Ocean overlook on Chiloé before our visit to see the Penguins

Member children at District Conference in La Union with Katie and Carly

Resting while Susie and Darin shop in Puerto Varas

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Lorena Barahona said...

Que suerte que hayais podido pasar las navidades con vuestra hija y sobre todo con las nietas!! Me encanta ver que estais bien y que disfrutais haciendo la obra, os admiro mucho y espero algún día servir como vosotros. Os quiero! Por cierto, no se si os he dicho que espero mi tercer bebé para julio!