Saturday, February 6, 2010

Calbuco Branch Remodel . . .

Calbuco Chapel after Remodel
Below is looking out through the new entry way.
Below is the inside of the chapel looking towards the back.
Below is looking towards the front of the chapel. Note the heaters located against the walls. There are five in the chapel. This will be very nice for the members as it was always cold before.

Below are the pictures of the chapel before being remodeled.

We have completed the remodel of the Calbuco Branch building. Calbuco is an independent branch that is part of the mission and had the distinction of having the most unattractive church building in the mission. But the remodel changed all that and the result is fantastic. We are very excited for the members. What a blessing.


Coffinberry said...

We love the pictures of the new chapel! We've been hearing about it from our son, and we are excited for the people of Calbuco!

K. Elizabeth said...

It looks great! So exciting for them.

OUR FAMILY said...

I remember this building I served there 15 years ago, they were talking about the remodel than. I remeber bringing the activity of the branch 3 people to just about 50 when I left! I was even put as a branch president there.