Sunday, February 14, 2010

Zone Leaders Council . . .

Seated above are the leaders at this cambio´s Zone Leaders Council. Seated from l-r are: Elder Opazo one of our Assistants from Chile, Elder Villanueva from Peru, Elder Sturm from Idaho and Elder Bigelow our other Assistant from Arizona. Standing l-r are: Elder Haderlie from Utah, Elder Vargas from Honduras, Elder Moncada from Honduras, Elder Araneda from Chile, Elder Riches from Utah, Elder Poujol from Honduras, Elder Nash from Utah, Elder Dudley from Idaho, Elder Bateman from Oregon, Elder Correa from Chile, Elder Seager from Nevada, Elder Silva from Honduras, Elder States from Utah, Elder Matorell from Alaska, Elder Davis from Utah, Elder Gimenez from Argentina, Elder Aspitia from Argentina and Elder Meneses from Chile. Not pictured are our zone leaders from Coyhaique: Elder Larsen from Utah and Elder Diaz from Chile and from Punta Arenas: Elder Shumway from Arizona and Elder Darrington from Nevada. They come to the council only a couple of times a year in order to minimize travel costs.

To give you an idea of how much change we´ve experienced in the mission, only three of these leaders, Elder Matorell, Elder Haderlie and Elder Bigelow were part of our zone leaders and assistants just 4 months ago.

Several times during the year we meet for training with our Zone Leaders. Usually this is at the mission home and we meet in the conference room in the basement. It is great to be with these young leaders and they are certainly wonderful examples of strength and commitment. It is their responsibility to motivate and inspire our young missionaries in their service. We couldn´t ask for any better and we are grateful for their dedication.

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