Sunday, April 25, 2010

Miscellaneous April 2010 . . .

Baptism in Futrono with Elder Aguilera and Elder Day

Baptism in Lago Ranco with Elder Moser and Elder Turner

Baptism in Villarrica with Hna Smith and Hna Gonzalez

Visit to Santiago this past week and several of our returned missionaries: Elder Pinto, Elder Vergara, Elder Rubio, Elder Salvatierra, Hna Vergara (Elder Vergara´s Mother), Hna Retamal, Elder Rivera and Elder Aravena

Elder Vergara and his mother at Temple Square in Santiago

Julio Otay, who is serving a mission with his wife at the Santiago Temple. Brother Otay is from Puerto Varas and served for 18 months as my first counselor in the Mission Presidency. He and his wife are such wonderful saints.

While in Santiago for meetings this past week, I also got to meet the parents of Elder Cisternas who were there attending the temple. Bishop Cisternas and his family live in Constitucion, Chile which was one of the areas most affected by the earthquake and tsunami. Fortunately, their house in on a hill just above where the water level destroyed the city. They were truly blessed.

Watchin General Conference in English in Osorno. Going around the table from l-r: Hna Earl, Hna Thompson, Elder Larsen, Elder Helgesen, Elder Hansen, Elder Cottle, Elder Hunsacker, Elder Walker, Elder Bevan, Elder Pierson, Elder Valentine, Elder McGowan, Elder Riches, Elder Shumway and Elder Bigelow

Chiloé Zone Activity in Castro: l-r Elder Sebrands, Elder Barra, Elder Nash, Elder Silva, Elder Araneda, Elder Ashton, Elder Jefferson, Elder Muñoz, Hna Aponte and Hna Wade

Calle Calle Zone activity in Valdivia: Seated l-r: Elder Campozano, Elder Blotter, Hna Kelley, Hna McMaster, Elder Schubert and Elder Dean. Standing l-r: Elder Aguilera, Elder Moncada, Elder Richardson, Elder Simons, Elder Day and Elder Olmedo


Just Me said...

It looks like you have lots of happy missionaries.

K. Elizabeth said...

Looks like a great group of missionaries and you and mom look great!

Catherine said...

Thanks for the updated pictures; we love to see the missionaries!

Linda said...

Dear President and Sister Lovell,
My husband (Chilean and a former branch president in our Modesto, CA Spanish Branch) and I are arriving in Chile at the end of June for a 9 month Sabbatical leave for the University of California. His main work will be to translate one of his books from English to Spanish. Originally we were going to stay on a family farm near Talca but unfortunately the house was destroyed by the recent earthquake. As a result, we are looking for a new adventure--and are strongly considering trying to find a modest home to rent in your mission area. We strongly desire to serve in the Church during our stay and as a result we would like to find somewhere to stay where there is a small branch rather than a strong ward. We have noticed that there is a branch in Futrono and you mention a small group in Lago Ranco, also. Do you have any recommendations for a good place for us to stay? We will need access to internet during our stay. I would love to have any input or suggestions you might have as to places we might best serve in strengthening a branch and also be in a beautiful surrounding. Please write me at with any suggestions. Thanks