Thursday, March 25, 2010

March Cambios (3) . . .

Our group from the U.S. arrived on Wednesday evening which presented us with some wonderful challenges. We were in the middle of our interviews and dinner with those missionaries finishing the mission when we left for the airport to pick up the new ones. We weren´t able to conduct interviews with them, but we spoke for awhile and then left them to the training given by our assistants and office staff. We felt bad shorting them on this, but felt a greater need to be with those who had completed their service and were heading home.

Seated above in the first row l-r are: Elder Bigelow our assistant, Hna Bleuler from Raleigh, North Carolina, Elder Opazo our other assistant. Second row l-r are: Elder Cross from Allen, Texas, Elder Hamblin from Orem, Utah, Elder Dean from Highland, Utah, Elder Richan from St. George, Utah, and Elder Williams from Charlotte, North Carolina. Third row l-r are: Elder Hafen from Idaho Falls, Idaho, Elder Blotter from Batavia, Illinois, Elder Fabrizio from Bountiful, Utah, Elder Hezeltine from Murray, Utah, Elder Turner from Cary, North Carolina, Elder Davis from Soda Springs, Idaho and Elder Grover from Kennewick, Washington.

As always, with new missionaries arriving we have to say goodbye to those that have finished their service. And as with other cambios, we are losing some of the finest missionaries anywhere. Included in this group are a former assistant, 5 zone leaders, one of our senior couples, the Westovers and 3 of the most wonderful and faithful sister missionaries in the church. Seated with Susie and I from l-r are: Hermana Rivas from El Salvador, Hermana Valdez from Panama and Hermana Harper from Blackfoot, Idaho. Standing from l-r: Elder Bigelow one of our assistants, Elder Rosas from Argentina, Elder Meneses from Chile, Elder Villanueva from Peru, Elder Dudley from Idaho, Elder Matorell from Alaska, Elder Correa from Chile, Elder Castro from Bolivia, Hermana and Elder Westover from Idaho and Elder Opazo our other assistant. Saying that we will miss these missionaries just does not adequately refect what we feel in our hearts. We love them so much and will miss them greatly.

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Paul said...

President and Sister Lovell,
Thanks so much for posting the comments and pictures of the new missionaries coming in to your Mission! It warmed my heart as a mother to see Hermana Neubert from Raleigh, NC in the picture, and to know that she arrived safely. :) Thanks for being willing to serve and to lead and teach her for the next 16 months. She is a hard worker and will give it her all (even with the trial that has come upon her while in the MTC of Bells Palsy) while in your Mission! Thanks for loving her - along with the hundreds of other children that you have! :)
Marie (and Paul) Neubert