Friday, June 4, 2010

Miscellaneous May 2010 . . .

Three cambios before a missionary finishes his mission, he receives what is called his "Moroni Letter." The letter requests updated information from home so that his travel plans can be made and the necessary letters prepared for his release. Above is a photo of three Elders finishing together in September with a Moroni Letter: l-r: Elder Seager (Nevada, now Utah), Elder Nash (Utah) and Elder Opazo (Chile). Elder Seager and Elder Opazo are my two assistants. Elder Nash is a zone leader in ChiloƩ.

Quite often we invite the missionaries to teach their investigators at the mission home so that we can participate. The family above is a wonderful family from the Rahue Bajo Ward. The mother is an inactive returned missionary and her daughter Karen was baptized last year. The missionaries are working hard to activate the family and hopefully baptize the twins and Walter. We love this family and have been working with them since Karen was taking the discussions.

Above are Elder Darrington (Nevada) and Elder Poujol (Honduras), the zone leaders in Punta Arenas at a baptism in the Patagonia Ward. Susie and I attended their ward last month and they have some wonderful investigators. Unfortunately, Elder Darrington finishes his mission this month. He holds the record for weight loss in the mission, having lost almost 100 pounds over the course of his two years in Chile.

I have no idea what the Sisters intended with this picture, but they are both wonderful anyway. Pictured l-r are Hna Neubert (North Carolina) and Hna Gonzalez (Argentina). Hna Neubert is an incredibly strong young missionary. She was stricken with Bells Palsy in the MTC so that one half of her face is affected. Rather than delay her mission, she showed up suffering from the setback but continues to work with such strength and faith. The condition appears to be improving, but I just can´t get over the miracle of her faith and courage. I just can´t get over it.

Another baptism photo with the zone leaders in the Puerto Varas zone, Elder Aspitia (Argentina) and Elder Riches (Utah). Elder Riches mother is from Barcelona, Spain, so he also speaks with the Spanish theta, as I do. He takes a fair amount of ribbing from the other missionaries for speaking like I do, but he´s got more of a right to do it than me. He´s half Spanish.


Johnson-n-Johnson said...

I don't know you but I know your daughter Karen (our husbands went to Law School together!) And Elder Nash was in our ward in Utah. My husband and I taught him in Sunday School. What a good boy! Enjoy your mission. Your service is a blessing!
Brandi Johnson

Teri said...

Elder Nickel thinks you speak perfect and beautiful Spanish. He is one elder who will not "rib" you. : ) Elder Nickels' mom, Teri

Just Me said...

Love the baptism photos! It is good to see the joy the gospel brings to the families and the Elders. I'm happy that you are having such amazing missionary experiences!

marqbegay said...

I love the baptism photo from Puerto Varas, I've been trying to contact Hermano Pillan, no luck... good to see that they are still going strong.

krystaface said...

Love the photo of Hna Gonzalez and her companion! Love you guys too, President.

And for the record, Hna Bustos uses the theta also! I gave her a fair amount of slack for it also, but in all honesty, it is much prettier than chilean :)