Thursday, June 3, 2010

May 2010 Zone Conferences . . .

This past month was a special Zone Conference in the mission. We were joined in our travels by Elder and Hna Limburg who are serving as the Area Medical Director in Santiago. Their home is in Fillmore, Utah and Elder Limburg is a retired physician and Hna Limburg is a nurse. They will serve for 18 months in Chile and are in charge of all the medical needs of the missionaries in the 9 Chilean missions. They are an incredible resource and help for us. They came to our mission in May to help vaccinate our 168 missionaries against the flu and made a presentation on health to all our missionaries. It was great fun being with them and we are so grateful for their help.
Above are a few of the Elders attending the Valdivia Zone Conference. They are from l-r: Elder Welling (Oregon), Elder Fuentes (Chile), Elder Amezcua (Minnesota) and Elder Rodriguez (Uruguay).

Above are members of the Coyhaique Zone who braved their flu shots. From l-r are: Elder Vidal (Chile), Elder Silva (Honduras), Elder Adlard (Missouri), Elder Bravo (Chile), Elder Castillo (Honduras), Elder Patton (Idaho), Elder Miner (Utah), Elder Benitez (Uruguay), Elder Lund (Utah), Elder Seabrands (Utah) and Elder Evans (Utah). Elder Silva is the bravest of the lot as he allowed me to give him his shot.

Abover are a few of the many attending the Osorno Zone Conference. The are from l-r: Elder Lebaron (Arizona), Elder Robinson (Arizona), Elder Larsen (Utah), Elder Osborn (Colorado), Elder Zhunio (Ecuador), Elder Pierson (Utah) and Elder Bevan (Wyoming).

Susie walked the walk too in Punta Arenas and we both allowed Elder Coles (Utah) to give us our shots. He wants to study medicine after the mission.


Evans Family said...

Thank you for taking such great care of our missionaries! What a blessing!

Mom/Grandma Smith said...

Elder Amezcua, our wonderful grandson, is having a faith promoting mission! Thank you for all you do for him and the other missionaries.

Coffinberry said...

Thanks for the photos, and for your love and care to our son!