Thursday, May 5, 2011

May Zone Leader Council . . .

Today was our monthly zone leader council and we enjoy so much being with these great missionaries. They are doing a great job and we are seeing a great change in our missionaries due to their influence. They are the best.

In front, (l-r) are: Elder Gonzalez from Chile, Elder Carrizo from Chile, Elder Walker from Idaho, Elder Evans from Utah, Elder Coles from Utah, Elder Hunsaker from Wyoming, Elder Miner from Utah and Elder Retamal from Chile. Standing (l-r) are: Elder Jefferson from Utah, Elder LeBaron from Arizona, Elder Cook from Idaho, Elder Andia from Argentina, Elder Sheahan from Montana, Elder Lund from Utah, Elder Helgesen from Utah, Elder Christensen from Arizona, Elder Amezcua from Minnesotta, Elder McGowan from Mississippi, Elder Nikolaus from Arizona, Elder Hansen from Connecticut, Elder Cortez from Nicaragua and Elder Ashton from Utah.

Those that know us can easily guess who it was that inspired the "let´s pick up the president" picture. And obviously, she has the camera.

We have three independent branches in the mission; that is, they do not belong to any district or stake. These are in Fresia, Los Muermos and Calbuco. This past Sunday we visited the Los Muermos Branch for the last time. These are such wonderful members and we were blessed with such a beautiful day to be with them. The branch president, President Osorio and his family are some of the very, very best. The two missionaries serving currently in the branch are Elder Riquelme from Chile and Elder Purser from Tuscaloosa, Alabama. We were very happy to learn that Elder Purser´s family is safe after the storms that effected Tuscaloosa.

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