Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Valdivia Zone Conference . . .

There are four zones that meet in Valdivia. Above is the Villarrica Zone. Seated (l-r) are Hna Bertagnole from Kansas and Hna Gebara from California. Standing (l-r) are: Elder Coles from Utah, Elder Booth from Utah, Elder Guillén from Peru (he´s very short, so he is actually standing on a chair), Elder Ashton from Utah, Elder Arce from South Carolina and Elder Sanford from Idaho. The zone leaders are Elders Ashton and Guillén.

Next up the Los Lagos Zone. Standing (l-r) are: Elder Winsor from Idaho, Elder Romero from Ecuador, Elder Cayoja from Bolivia, Elder Gonzalez from Chile, Elder Thorup from Utah, Elder Broadhead from Idaho, Elder Hunsaker from Wyoming and Elder Blotter from Illinois. The zone leaders are Elders Hunsaker and Gonzalez.

There are two zones in Valdivia. Above is the Valdivia Zone. Sitting (l-r) are: Hna Donoso from Chile and Hna Kitto from Utah. Standing (l-r) are: Elder Cardona from Colombia, Elder Cruz from Curacao, Elder Olavarria from Chile, Elder Martinez from Honduras, Elder Dunford from Texas, Elder Amaya from Mexico, Elder Elmer from Arizona, Elder Barbosa from Colombia, Elder Ruz from Canada, Elder McCormick from Arizona and Elder Amezcua from Minnesota. The zone leaders are Elder Amezcua and Cardona.

Above is the Valdivia Calle Calle Zone. Sitting (l-r) are: Hna Chamorro from Chile and Hna Baum from Arizona. Standing (l-r) are: Elder Jefferson from Utah, Elder Bravo from Chile, Elder Aros from Chile, Elder Carmen from Utah, Elder Diaz from Chile, Elder Quispe from Chile, Elder Magaña from California, Elder Helgesen (the tall one) from Utah, Elder Grotenhuis from New Hampshire, Elder Nickel from Idaho, Elder Bowers from Nevada and Elder Wood from Idaho. The zone leaders are Elders Helgesen and Bravo.

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Robin Ashton said...

Dear Sister Lovell,
We have put the money into Jens' debit card account for his MRI. Thank you so much for taking care of him.
Robin Ashton