Monday, March 9, 2009

Visit to Castro in Chiloé . . .

Susie and the view of Castro, Chiloé Los palafitos - homes built on stilts out over the water
Susie and I at the palfitos San Francisco Church on the main plaza
This past weekend Susie and I traveled to Castro on the island of Chiloé. Castro is the capital of the island and is home two great branches, Juan Soler and Gamboa. We also have branches in Ancud and Quellón. We haven´t been to Quellón yet, but will hopefully get there soon.

Castro is a beautiful town on the water and life here is centered around the fish industry, especially salmon. The branches have great members and exceptional leadership. We had visited here before in November for a District Conference, but this was our chance to get to know the members in the two branches.

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