Friday, March 13, 2009

March Cambios . . .

Every six weeks is cambio week and they seem to come every three or four days now. New missionaries arrived on Tuesday and our older missionaries leave on Thursday. It is a hectic and crazy week filled with lots of work and tears. We love the new ones that come and we love the older ones that are leaving. It is really both a joyful and difficult time.
Above are the 9 new missionaries that arrived this cambio. Seated with us is Hna Bustos from Bolivia. In back from left to right: Elders Vergara and Shallenberger our AP´s, Elder Olsen from Logan, UT, Elder Gomez from Honduras, Elder Diaz from Chile, Elder Castaneda from El Salvador, Elder Gimenez from Argentina, Elder Malca from Peru, Elder Service from Salt Lake City, UT, Elder Araneda from Chile and Hna and Elder Allen, our senior couple. These new missionaries are all very humble and excited to serve. We are grateful to have them in this wonderful mission.Above are the 13 missionaries that completed their service and are returning home. Seated on the couch with us is Hna Begay from Arizona and Elder Vergara one of our AP´s. The others, from left to right are: Elder Shallenberger (AP), Elder Rubio from Chile, Elder Centeno (seated) from Peru, Elder Quezada from Chile, Elder Mamani from Peru, Elder Inga and Elder Fuentes from Argentina, Elder Alarcon from Chile, Elder Burnett and Elder Dunn from Salt Lake City, UT, Elder Lopez (seated) and Elder Aracena from Chile, and Elder Carlson from California. Among this group are some of our best missionaries, including 7 Zone Leaders. We will miss them all, but are grateful that there are others in the mission ready to step into their shoes.
I suppose you can´t blame them for being a little silly after two years in the mission field and knowing that they are headed home after such a long and faithful service. We will truly miss them and the spirit they brought to our mission. Can anyone look at these faces and not recognize that they are some of the best missionaries anywhere?


Stephanie said...
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Stephanie said...

Hi, Bro & Sis. Lovell!

My husband's parents turn in their mission papers next week! They are so excited! Missionary work is an amazing thing! I love it!!! : )

Take care!

Elder Austin Service said...

Dear President and Sister Lovell,
Thank you so much for sharing your blog with the families of your missionaries. It is so comforting and fun to see a picture of our son arriving in the Osorno Mission. I know he will have an amazing experience serving with you. Being able to see the Branch he is serving in is a bonus, we love it!!! The Service family

Shauna said...

Thanks for posting the pictures of the new missionaries. My nephew is among them and it was enjoyable seeing them. Please take good care of those missionaries. I'll enjoy reading your blog over the next two years.