Thursday, April 23, 2009

April Cambios . . .

A new group of missionaries arrived on Tuesday of this week. Here they are arriving at the airport in Osorno. In the front row are Hna Perez from Panama, Susie, Hna Gonzalez from Argentina and Hna Earl from Utah. In the back is Elder Vergara one of our Assistants, Elder Moyano from Ecuador, Elder Schubert from Canada, Elder Ospino from Columbia, Elder Navarro from Peru, Elder Shallenberger our other Assistant, Elder Razón and Elder Cisternas from Chile.
At the mission home after interviews, orientation and a nice meal, they are exhausted, but still ready to get to work. Seated are Susie, Hna Perez, Hna Earl and Hna Gonzalez. Standing are Elder Vergara, Elder Shallenberger, Elder Razon, Elder Ospino, Elder Cisternas, Elder Navarro, Elder Schubert, Elder Moyano and Elder and Sister Allen.
Unfortunately, with cambios, we must say good-bye to some excellent and much loved missionaries who have finished their term of service in the mission. This was an exceptional group and we will miss them all. Seated are Susie, Hna Claros from Columbia and Hna Fuertes from Bolivia. Standing are Elder Shallenberger an Assistant, Elder Smith from Florida, Elder Lowry from Canada, Elder Leal, Elder Vergara and Elder Pinto all from Chile and Elder Matorell from Alaska, our new Assistant.
It is a testament to the divinity of this work that it moves on seamlessly through the great efforts of these young missionaries. Whether they are new or experienced, they bring a great attitude and devotion to preaching the gospel. We love them so much and will forever be grateful for their sacred service.

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Los Hansen said...

Great bunch. We are jealous that you are able to receive American sisters. Not so in Mexico. It woudl be fun to sprinkle in a few.