Friday, April 17, 2009

Zone Leader Council . . .

Current Zone Leaders: Back L-R Elders Spitzer, Pinto, Cubillos, Ortiz, Callaú, Pizaro, Aravena, Gobetti, Wallace, Bazan, Lucas, Millan, Leal, Miner, Matorell, Wohlfart, Pedraza, Rodriguez, Gomez, Merrill, Escobar and Benitez. Front L-R Elders Vergara and Shallenberger our Assistants, Susie and I, and Elder and Sister Allen, our senior couple. Unfortunately, the Allens finish their 2-year mission in June. They have been such a blessing. It will be hard to see them leave.
Our three Zone Leaders from Santiago, Elders Aravena, Leal and Pinto. Elders Lean and Pinto finish their mission next week.
The past 4 secretaries of the Mission. L-R Elder Benitez from Paraguay, Elder Shallenberger from Orem, UT, Elder Cuadra from Concepción, Chile and incoming Secretary, Elder Dudley from Boise, ID. He doesn´t know it yet, but Elder Cuadra leaves the office next week to become the companion of Elder Benitez as Zone Leaders in the Calle Calle Zone.
Here is Elder Cuadra with his favorite companion, Elder Elmo. I kidnapped this Elmo of his and Susie made the missionary outfit for him. Elder Cuadra loves Elmo. I think he has at least six.
Here is Susie and her Spanish tutor and friend, Claudia, making cookies. Susie shows here American cooking in exchange for Spanish lessons.

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Megan said...

I love the Elmo missionary outfit! and I think cooking lessons for Spanish tutoring is a great exchange, too. Sounds like you are having lots of fun mixed in with all the hard work. :)