Saturday, April 4, 2009

Out of Cycle Cambio . . .

I wanted to share this picture of our four sisters in Punta Arenas, Hna Wade, Hna Aguilar, Hna Fuentes and Hna Alvarez which was created by Elder Meneses.

We received a new missionary this past week out of our normal cambio cycle. Elder Barra from Arica, Chile arrived in our mission from the Santiago MTC on March 31st. There were 54 in this group at the MTC and only one of them came to our mission and even he arrived outside of the normal cambios. It really turned into a great blessing because one of our expected missionaries from the U.S. in the last cambio cycle was not able to come and so Elder Barra is an answer to our prayers. He will be an excellent missionary.

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Los Hansen said...

Wow. You have carpet. We are jealous!

xoxo from Veracruz