Thursday, March 18, 2010

March Cambios (1) . . .

Seated l-r above are: Elder Bigelow, one of our assistants, Elder Torres from Santiago, Chile and Elder Opazo, our other assistant.

We received another missionary this week that began in another mission but will finish in our mission. He is Elder Torres and will be with us for almost his entire two year period. We are confident he will be an excellent missionary and we are excited to have him serve with us.
Next week we have another large group of 18 more missionaries arriving. 13 of them will be North American and 5 will be Latinos. We will have 170 missionaries after this cambio, the largest number to date, and we will be opening 4 additional sectors.


Mrs. Cyndi Blotter said...

We are excited that one of those 13 missionaries is our son, Elder Blotter. He is so excited and anxious to be joining the Orsono mission. He was delayed out of Salt Lake today so is extra anxious to get on the plane and get the traveling behind him!
Thanks for your updates!
The Blotters

Aimee said...

Another on the way is my son. His feelings are the same as Elder Blotter's. I just wanted to thank you so very much for this wonderful blog. It's been such a joy to follow and learn more about the area and the people my son will be serving.
Thank you!
Sister Cross