Thursday, March 18, 2010

Visit to the Quellón Branch . . .

Above are members of the Quellón Branch with Elder Ashton from SLC, Utah and Elder Hogan from Mansfield, TX.

Above is a view of the beautiful fishing village of Quellón. They say it rains on the island of Chiloé 13 months out of the year, so we were very fortunate to have such beautiful weather.

Just south of Quellón the Pan-American Highway ends. Above is the monument marking this spot. The Pan-American Highway runs from Alaska to Quellón, Chile.

Overlooking the port of Quellón in the evening with a view of the Andes and several volcanoes across the Gulf of Corcovado.

Last month, Susie and I were finally able to visit the Quellón branch which is located on the far southern tip of the island of Chiloé. This was the last of all the branches in the mission districts that we had not visited, so we´ve been anxious to get there. (There are still some branches belonging to stakes that we have not visited, and we hope to get to them as well.) It was a wonderful trip. The weather was beautiful and the members are just terrific. We love visiting with these small, isolated branches. The faith of the members is so strong.

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